Have you ever been just a bit curious as to what Christianity is really all about but:

  • never felt comfortable in asking someone?
  • you feel that you would be embarrassed if you said something stupid?
  • you didn’t want to come by yourself – why not come with a friend and explore together?

Whatever your thoughts, why not come to the Alpha no-obligation FREE Introductory Dinner, make lots of new friends and eat good food

It is THE place to ask all the difficult questions you have about religion and spirituality;

have fun; and discover that there is a lot more to life.

Night-time Alpha course starting in early May commencing with a no-obligation Introductory Dinner!

When: Thursday 5th May

Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm (sharp)

Where: St George’s Hall, Cnr Thorne Road and Victor St, Birkdale


For further information, please contact Ian Carr at alpha@apwb.net.

Alpha Group 2014 in the Parish Ministry Centre

If you would like to know more about upcoming Alpha Courses,
Email: alpha@apwb.net

Google Map of St George’s with the the Hall next door

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a 10 week basic course covering the key elements of the Christian faith and includes a day or weekend camp.

Alpha is a place where ANY question can be asked openly.

We welcome anyone 16 years of age or above, regardless of religious background, race or belief. (Youth Alpha caters for those younger.)

Anyone from anywhere is welcome.

Courses can be held in a variety of environments. In this Parish however, we are currently concentrating on an intimate Home Group style environment of up to 12 people.

Our evening courses include a FREE Dinner. They are run under lay leadership

Please contact us or phone the parish office if requiring additional information.

If you do not live in our area, you are still most welcome to join us, however you may rather check out the Alpha Australia website find-a-course for a course nearer to you.

We look forward to meeting you and guarantee to make you feel most welcome!

Who is Alpha for?

Alpha suits a diverse group of people, especially those who don’t go to church, however, even mature Christians have benefited from the course.

It endeavors to presents the rationale behind the Christian faith. It provides historical evidence for the existence of Jesus, his life, his ministry and most importantly, his resurrection.

Alpha is a non threatening experience, giving each participant the opportunity to discuss issues with other guests.

We also welcome groups from other denominations who would like to explore Alpha, with a view to running a course in their church.

Why attend an Alpha course?

Attending a course, such as Alpha, allows participants to meet regularly and interact with others in a small group environment (up to 10 per group).

Weekly videos on topics including, “Who is Jesus?”, How and Why do I Pray?” and “Does God Heal Today?” explore contemporary and relevant life issues.

Alpha courses are online and on television, however, attending in person is truly interactive with individual questions answered in a non threatening environment.

Our weekly structure of Alpha.

Our weekly format for Alpha includes a meal, a video and a discussion group where everyone is encouraged to participate. All course materials are provided. There is also a day or weekend away (at a relaxing location) where the participants can get to know each other better, explore God’s Holy Spirit and have some fun. This is often regarded as the highlight of the course. (Attendees are encouraged to contribute a minimal cost for the weekly meals and the day or weekend away… however, don’t let the cost be an inhibitor)

Want to know more?

For more in-depth information, visit the Alpha Australia website

Email our Alpha Team, the address is alpha@apwb.net