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EfM is a small group operating within the Parish, but using a very different format to other groups. It is a 4 year program, but participants are asked to commit for 1 year at a time. Therefore it does not fit into the “Taste and See” mould of other groups. eg try a group for a few weeks or months to see if you like it. It does however embrace many of the elements of other small groups such as worship, prayer and pastoral care.

EfM Groups usually meet weekly and have a mid year and end of year break.

The Waterloo Bay group which is currently in recess, is scheduled to resume in February 2009, it has been meeting on a Wednesday morning at 9.15am in St. George’s Hall, Cnr. Thorne Rd. and Victor St. BIRKDALE

The reading material is very structured. It is done at home and is then discussed in the group.

  • 1st year is study of the Old Testament
  • 2nd year is study of the New Testament
  • 3rd year Church History
  • 4th year Church History & Theology

The group is made up of between 5 and 10 people and is led by an accredited Mentor who has undergone training and accreditation. Accreditation must be renewed each year.

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The quantity of reading requires a substantial commitment of time as does the seminar session which is usually two and a half hours per week. Members are encouraged to use other reference materials to enhance their learning. However many find that just completing the set reading is enough of a challenge. The mentor is a facilitator rather than the teacher. Mostly learning comes from the reading material and the group discussions. There is also a financial cost to the program. This changes from year to year. The cost is normally on a par with a first year university subject.

EfM is a great tool to help discern and develop personal ministry through a process of Theological Reflection. This is where we take a small slice of life experience and “put it under the microscope” if you like, to see how history, tradition and culture affect our thinking about things. We then reflect on what we have learnt through this and how this might affect our thinking and actions in the future. As a group we are sometimes invited by a member of the group to keep them accountable to an insight they have gained from the reflection. In other words we invite people to help us incorporate our learning into our everyday life.

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