One of the hardest moments in our lives is when someone close to us has just died. On top of coping with our own grief we have the task of preparing a funeral that will give members of the family an opportunity to say farewell and to celebrate the loved ones life.

Here at the Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay we have the sensitivity and graciousness to help you prepare a beautiful and reverent farewell. We listen carefully to you and to the stories of your loved one and enable you to celebrate their life with both tears and laughter. Please feel free to contact us by email or by phoning the office on 07 38221110.

We use the traditional funeral service that has been developed and refined over the centuries. There is plenty of scope within this service to express your loved one’s personality. The service will also give opportunity to affirm the faith, hope and love of Christian Church.

We are happy to have the funeral service in the Church or to use the chapel at a Crematorium. We can also lead a simple service at the graveside. St George’s Church at Birkdale is a beautiful traditional Church that seats 80 people comfortably. St James’ at Wellington Point is also a traditional Church and seats 50 people comfortably.

Funeral Directors

There are a number of very fine Funeral Directors working in the Redlands and nearby district. Generally they all provide a good service. It may be helpful to ring two or three to get an idea of the cost involved. The Funeral Directors will be able to help with the legal documents and advertising in local papers.

When you are arranging the funeral with the Funeral Directors it is helpful to contact the Church at the same time so that sufficient time can be given to careful preparation for the funeral.


At St George’s we have data projection available if you would like to show some photos to celebrate the life of your loved one. Many of the crematorium chapels have similar facilities.


There are a number of songs and hymns that are traditionally used at funerals. We are also happy to use other songs or CDs that express something of the deceased’s personality. When we meet to plan the funeral we can work out appropriate music.


If you would like to have a gathering of friends in the hall after the funeral please talk to us about catering. We charge $5 per person.


Normally the funeral directors handle all fees for a funeral and the Church fees are included in their fees.

Garden of Memorial

St George’s Church at Birkdale has a very beautiful Garden of Memorial. We provide it as a place to inter ashes of loved ones. We do not place any plaques in the garden but we do have a Memorial Book in the church. There is no cost for interment of the ashes but we charge a small one-off fee for the memorial book.