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The Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay encourages all members of the church to be actively involved in groups. By doing so, it provides a means for people to; support one another, build deeper friendships, provide times of sharing great joy, study biblical principles, deepen their spirituality; and share their stories.

Following, is an outline of each of the Group types available within the parish. There is sure to be one there that would meet the needs or desires of interested individuals.

Small groups – What are they?

There are two types of small groups – Family groups and Home groups.

Family groups are mainly a social fellowship group. These groups are a means of getting to know other members of the church family, and anyone is welcome. They meet at a time and place decided by the group. Some meet monthly, others less frequently. The aim of these groups is primarily to enjoy each other’s company over a meal and / or activity.

There are a number of groups within the Family category

Home groups usually comprise a smaller number of people than those of the Family Group. They meet in peoples’ homes, primarily to study the Bible or some other Christian publication. Whilst these groups have a study focus, they can incorporate a time of sharing and support for each other and sometimes include a meal or supper to complete the meeting. As in the Family Groups, there are a number of groups available from which to choose to become involved.

Other groups that meet may evolve from events or courses in which “seekers” or parishioners participate. These include:

  • The post-Alpha Group, designed to follow on from the completion of an Alpha course. (Alpha is a basic course in the Christian faith designed primarily for none or beginning Christians. New parishioners are also encouraged to attend as a means of getting to know others within the church). The intention of these groups is to provide an opportunity for those who have participated in Alpha to continue an on-going growth in their Christian journey. This is achieved in the company of their Alpha friends, in the hopes of eventually forming Home Groups in their own right. This group often studies a particular book of the Bible, a biblical theme, or the Gospel for the following Sunday.
  • The Cursillo Group has regular gatherings within the parish. Cursillo is a short course in Christianity designed for those who already have a faith of their own and wish to further develop their spirituality. These are often attended by those who have completed an Alpha Course. Held over a week-end, these courses are run separately for men and for women as a Diocesan activity on several occasions during the year. The Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay has a strong Cursillo membership which often meets together over a “Pot Luck” meal on a regular basis. “Further information about Cursillo

For additional information on Groups within the parish contact us