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    A Home Group Introduction

    At Waterloo Bay, it is encouraged that all parishioners join a Home Group so as to connect with like-minded people on a regular basis and to become a part of a Bible study fellowship.
    There are times when all study groups engage in the same study material such as Lenten studies or other special occasions. At other times, there are various studies and methods employed to ensure vitality and interest for group members.
    Each year there is an opportunity for members to change groups should they so wish, however people are welcome to make a change when and as they feel the need.

    Below is a list of those groups currently operating within the parish:

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  • APWB Ladies Fellowship

    APWB Ladies Fellowship

    The ladies meet at 10.15am for a 10.30am start, finishing 12noon, each Tuesday during school terms.
    (Please contact us if this time does not suit you as we are also running a similar evening group, commencing the 27th February 2017.

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  • Bible Analysis Group Logo

    Biblical Analysis Group

    This group comes together each Saturday at John’s home from 10:00am to 12:00pm to look at how the church has received the versions of the two Testaments of the Bible. A great deal of study has been done in the last two hundred years, and continues today around the world.

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  • FaithFellowshipGroupChooseRespectSession

    Faith Fellowship Group (FFG)

    Faith Fellowship meets Tuesdays at 2pm for an hour and a half to two hours except the first Tuesday of the month when we defer to Grace Group.

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  • Music Group

    Family Worship Music Group

    This group meets weekly in St George’s Church to study the scriptures as they relate to the service for Sunday.

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  • Midnight Cactus

    Grace Group

    The Grace Group meets at 2:00pm on the 1st Tuesday of the month at Lyn’s and is studying Word for Today. This is a booklet of short daily Bible readings with discussion starters and suggested additional readings.

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  • Know Your Bible by Christian Women Communicating Internationally

    Know Your Bible (KYB)

    This interdenominational group was introduced to St George’s over 20 years ago and has seen a small group of women continuing to enjoy a relaxed study of the Bible, informal discussion and a friendly ‘cuppa’ together ever since.

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  • Pray School Logo

    PraySchool Home Group

    PraySchool Home Group meets on a Wednesday evening from 7:15pm to 9:00pm.

    Meeting at alternate homes of those who are happy to host, the group studies the Gospel for the coming week or some other topic and shares insights.

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  • Thursday@7

    Thursday@7 is a friendly and supportive home group meeting weekly. We meet together to have a cuppa, share our joys and difficulties, study God’s word and pray.

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  • Our YABS Logo

    Young Adults Bible Study

    A safe and open night of prayer, reading the bible, sharing stories and inspiring others. You can join us on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Mondays of every month.

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