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Get Involved

Why get involved in the life of the Church?

Friendship, Learning and Expression of Faith

Get Involved

Many of the roles in the Church are team ministries. Hence we are often able to develop lovely friendships while doing these things.

Many of us learn by doing things. If you want to grow in your faith, volunteering in church activities will aid your growth.

We also give expression to our faith by volunteering in the Church. We trust your whole life will give expression to your faith. However volunteering along side other Christians helps to focus your expression of faith.

We will give you appropriate training and support. We will also give you a clear job description. It is important to us that all our volunteers enjoy their ministry and feel they can make a genuine contribution to the Church community.

There are many ways for people to get involved within the parish.

Worship: readers, musicians, vocalists, intercessors, servers, Liturgical assistants, Eucharistic Assistants, Welcomers, Sidespeople. Offertory presenters, Collection counters, Bankers, Data Preparation/presentation and Flower arrangers.

Pastoral Care: Visitors, drivers, Meal providers, nursing home visitor …

Education: Kids for Christ teachers/helper Religious Education teacher/helper, Confirmation mentor

Children’s Ministry: Tiny Tots (Under 3 years old) and Kids for Christ.

Youth Ministry: House Youth; leader for Primary School age and House Youth; for High School age.

Groups: Home group leader/helper, Family group coordinator

Maintenance and Grounds: mowing, gardening, cleaning, handy man jobs

Administration: Parish warden, Parish Councilor, Treasurer, Office Assistant, roster clerk


As a means of making rosters available to parishioners in the shorter term; pending the development of a members log-in page, the parish has included this section as a short term matter of convenience.

Elvanto Training

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Traditionally, those on this roster are ordained clergy. Here are however opportunities for laity who are licensed by the Bishop to also be involved in certain aspects of preaching.

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Mowing Team

An important aspect of church life is our involvement to maintain the church buildings and grounds in a state of beauty that reflects to the local community our love for our Lord.

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Worship Rosters

Both St. George’s & St. James’ churches have a worship roster which covers the various aspects of assisting the Priest in the running of the Sunday services. These include Liturgical Assistants, Eucharistic Assistants, Servers, Sides-persons, Readers, Intercessors, Data Preparers & Presenters, Morning Tea Teams, Offertory Presenters and Bankers.

Sign Me Up - Rosters

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Flower Groups for Waterloo Bay Parish

This is a very caring, happy group who take pride in making the church beautiful each week. Working in pairs, each team takes turns to purchase and arrange the flowers from an allowance provided by Parish Council.

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