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Geoff and Tracey Piggott of Coober Pedy

Geoff and Tracey have been ministering in Coober Pedy since they were inducted on 30th July 2012 since Peter and Joy Palmer moved into Fly-In-Fly-Out ministry with the mining companies. Geoff studied theology in Sydney and he and Tracey have served in Parish ministry in the Dioceses of Sydney, Grafton and Newcastle. They have three adult children and have a long history of supporting BCA during their 17 years in the Parish of Camden Haven.

2015 is a big year for the town of Coober Pedy, as it marking the 100th anniversary of opals being found there. The first major event was in Easter and a team from their old church and former Coober Pedy field staff cane to support church and community events.

Reflecting on their time in Coober Pedy so far, Geoff and Tracey say “there have been encouragements and discouragements as we have come to build up believers and engage people with the news of the Lord Jesus. We continue to trust that God will keep our eyes focused on the heavenly calling for all who want to live in the Kingdom of God.”

“We want to encourage the keen congregation and work together to get the message of Jesus out to the community and tourists. We want to represent Jesus well through all we do and say; be good listeners and good neighbours and teach God’s Word faithfully.”

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Coober Pedy Parish

Coober Pedy is situated in a remote area of South Australia: 850km north of Adelaide and 700km south of Alice Springs. Its main industry historically has been opal mining, followed by tourism and as a service centre, however this is changing as several large mines open up in its vicinity. Coober Pedy’s multicultural population of around 3,000 people forms a unique community who support and enjoy each other’s diversities, making it a very rewarding place to live.

The Catacomb Church is regarded as an important part of the town’s social structure, being called upon for support in times of trouble by the town as a whole. Its weekly service regularly has around 30 adults and 20 children, with numbers increasing significantly from May-September when the tourists move northwards for the southern winter. The ministry is to the town (including the mining camps), involves patrols to the pastoral properties around Coober Pedy and extends to the remote centres of Mintabie, Marla, Oodnadatta and William Creek. Coober Pedy offers an exciting ministry opportunity in this time of growth due to the mining boom happening around it.

Peter and Joy Palmer

Peter & Joy Palmer (formerly of Coober Pedy and FIFO Ministries.)

When Peter and Joy Palmer went to Coober Pedy as BCA Field Staff they went with the intention of serving the community of Coober Pedy and providing ministry for the many tourists that include Coober Pedy on their touring calendar. Shortly after beginning his ministry in this opal mining centre he made contact with the mine management of nearby Prominent Hill . Peter became aware of the need to provide chaplaincy to the men in these mines who are away from their families for long periods of time and so began to include visits to the mine to provide “church’ and pastoral care. Other nearby mines in South Australia were keen to have a chaplain visit their mine so Peter began talks with the Bishop of Willochra, the Archbishop of Adelaide and BCA. A proposal came before the Dioceses of Adelaide and Willochra and BCA which allowed Peter to relinquish the role as Rector of Coober Pedy and develop the role of chaplain for the mines in a full time capacity. Peter and Joy moved to live in Adelaide and began to visit 3 mines in a Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) capacity and worked out a pattern for visiting the mines as well as visiting and helping families back home. Peter assisted with services at St Barbaras’ Anglican Church, Parafield Gardens and nas undertaken deputations for BCA. Peter and Joy can be contacted at 3 Walker Street, Parafield gardens SA 5107 , phone 0402 062 842.

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