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Anglican Church Southern Queensland

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care comprises a small group of parishioners drawn together by a calling to render love, care and assistance to members of the Parish and people within the district when a need is identified. Though small in number, the group is readily assisted by other members of the congregations when requested.

The group comes together on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 2pm for prayer, support and revisiting of the Lab1 skills for Calling and Caring Ministries Course. One of the greatest skills required for this ministry is to be a good listener.

The Pastoral Care group is open to any Parishioner who feels this is their calling. Support through, visiting at home, nursing home, or hospital and support phone calls are a big part of this ministry. Practical help, transport, shopping and meals in times of difficulty are also provided.

Encouragement cards and letters of support are also administered through this group. Support is given to Communion Services in five local Nursing homes and the monthly “Fellowship” Communion Service at St Georges on the 3rd Thursday at 10am for those unable to attend Sunday services.

The coordinator meets with Father Scott every Thursday morning to update them on needs in the Parish and suggested visits by them. Confidentiality is imperative.

If you feel called to serve in this way please contact us

Hospital Care

When loved ones are hospitalized, or intending to be hospitalized for surgery, respite, or emergency care, please advise the Pastoral Care coordinator.

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Young People at Risk - SAILS

Sails at Bayside

SAILS at Bayside is a ministry to provide opportunities for youth at risk, their families, and carers and to provide a service for the parish and community. SAILS at Bayside aims to help them overcome difficulties, reach their potential and actively engage in community life through Sailing and Life Skills programs.

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School Chaplaincy

As a parish encompassing a number of State Primary and a Secondary School and a Private School, APWB has an obligation to support the chaplaincy ministries that are associated with those schools. School Chaplaincy falls within the Outreach Portfolio of the church.

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Aged and Infirm

Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay Ministry to the Aged & Infirm: The Parish provides monthly services for the aged and infirm, in the form of the Friendship Service at St Georges, and in several local aged care facilities.

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