Anglican Church of Australia


  • FR Theo and Lorelei Woods

    Fr Theo Woods

    Theo Woods, is our ‘locum’ until our new rector arrives about the end of September.

    Fr Theo started life in England (and still has that accent), has a science degree, felt called and got trained to be a priest, and did his curate’s (assistant priest’s) training in a wonderful parish of battlers, under an inspiring role-model (Fr Henry) in grubby Leicester, UK, until 1967. His wife and he then volunteered for 4 years as missionaries in PNG, and ended up staying 10 years. Fr Theo started out running the diocesan Teacher Training College (in the remote PNG bush), and ending up in national education administration. They were there in 1975 when Gough Whitlam forced PNG into independence.

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  • John Bretz

    Rev'd John Bretz

    John is an Ordained Anglican Deacon who lives within The Redlands and assists in an honorary capacity. John’s participation in the parish includes visiting, liturgy and worship, and young families at the Wellington Point end of the parish. John is married with a young boy and girl.

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  • Reverend Kit Bunker

    Rev'd Kit Bunker

    Kit was ordained by Bishop Wicks over 20 years ago but there’s much more to his story than that.

    In the late 60’s and early 70’s Kit and his wife Elizabeth lived in Uganda where he taught in a secondary school and the children were born. Then there was a move to Kampala to lecture in the teaching college attached to Makerere University. Kit worked for a degree from London University, taking his final examinations in the Boy Scout hut off Kampala High Street in 1972.

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  • Sarah Leisemann

    Rev'd Sarah Leisemann

    Sarah is an ordained Anglican Priest who leads worship at the 9am Family Service. She is also a school chaplain at the Canon Hill Anglican College (CHAC).

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