Anglican Church of Australia

Anglican Church Southern Queensland

Celebrations, feasts and get-togethers.

Jesus was accused of being a drunk and a glutton (Matt 11:19) . Perhaps Jesus just loved good food and wine. He certainly used such occasions for gathering people and teaching.

Here in the Anglican Parish of Waterloo Bay we also like good food and wine. Some of our feasts are traditional, dating back to the construction of both churches and the celebration of the patron saints, i.e., St George, St James and St Francis (when we often hold our Parish Festival).

Melbourne Cup 2016 at St James' Church Hall Station St Wellington Point

Each year, St George’s Day is celebrated as close as possible to the 23rd of April and St James’ Day is celebrated near the 25th of July. These occasions are usually marked by combining our various congregations for worship, with lunch or function to follow.

Annual events include a parish dinner, a parish camp, barbeques and picnics.
Our Men’s Breakfasts occur more frequently. The ladies of the parish cater for the breakfasts and we invite guest speakers to talk on everything from football to bridge building. Ladies High Teas were introduced for the women of the Church (catered by the men).

Ladies High Tea Servants

Sometimes functions are held as fundraisers to support particular causes, as in the case of our Scripture Union missionary Graeme Aldom in Namibia. Graeme was the beneficiary of the proceeds from an International Food Feast.

Mostly however, we have meals together so that we can get to know one another better and to build a strong sense of community in the parish. Our Family Groups and Home groups share this objective.

The Alpha Course combines the goal to build community and friendship over a meal with the goal to reflect on the teachings of Jesus. We may never be accused of being drunkards or gluttons but we like to do what Jesus did.