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Greetings Friends,

Hi from Windhoek, where life goes on basically as normal. Wet season is
winding down, the hills are bright green, and we even see mud at times. Autumn has arrived, and we leave the flat windows open all day, instead of blocking out the heat. The full church choir is back and singing great worship music in many languages, and the far north is having small annual floods.


SU life goes forward, and sometimes a bit back. We are having challenges with high school work in Windhoek, mainly due to lack of enthusiastic teachers. Adam is to focus on them in coming weeks. The result is poor attendance of these teachers, and of students, as the latter often don’t even hear of SU events. The big concern is what happens in their schools week-by-week, or doesn’t happen.

Rural high school ministry is less effected, and primary schools roar along. But city life anywhere has more options, choices and challenges. Pray we can connect the Gospel into today’s kids here.

Our “True Love Waits” march was small but good. 120 students came. The venue in a park for the session after was great too, as many people stopped and heard good messages from singers and speakers. The SU Group Leaders Camp this last few days went well, though very low on numbers. A
pity, as those who went were very glad they did. Pray it effects those 3 schools well.

Elmo was way south for a week in Feb, and is now with Boniface on the coast. Pray that these trips have lasting impact. In the last week, we had a chap from the north with us – Kondjeni. He wants to work with us. He completed Bible College last year, and wants to minister with kids in his home area. I explained we don’t have money for a paid position at present, but he is keen to start as a volunteer now.

Pray we can raise at least one day a week of salary, plus transport costs between schools
We have more info on the HIV/AIDS programme we have been asked to join, so we are now to assess it further, to ensure we can do our part well. We can be funded for a part-time worker to run this.

COMING UP For your prayer:

  • Very soon That the Jeep would sell. It’s out-of-rego and clogging my carport. Phill is searching for cheap bits between his classes, so we can get it past rego.
  • MARCH 4-10 Elmo & Boniface on coast to visit SU Groups and grow ministry.
  • MARCH 16-22 Elmo and I attend a Bible Engagement Writers workshop near Cape Town, and I introduce Elmo to SU South Africa. I stay on for a tourist weekend to explore the “Mother City”.
  • MARCH 30 – APRIL 1 High School Camp at Shalom Camp Centre.
  • APRIL 1-7 Elmo in more southern areas.
  • APRIL 14 4/14 Day to pray and fast for kids to hear the Gospel.
  • APRIL 25-30 Gr 6&7 Camp to the coast. Always over 200 kids.
  • MAY 4-5 SU Southern Africa annual meetings in Johannesburg.


So far, no flat-floods. Rain is back to normal levels, not the heavy rains of the last 2 years, but the final flood of 2011 was late April, so not quite there yet. Our smaller (& very nervous) dog away in a big storm, and returned 5 days later, somewhat thinner. We still don’t know how he got out or back in, with the big wall and gate around the house – mystery dog.

Phill’s IT tutor finally returned to town, and the course is almost complete. Now Phill is studying in the quiet of the night to get a good result. Pray he does, and a job will be God’s reward for diligence.

My church had a gospel concert last Saturday, to launch a CD by a local gospel singer. Concert was to start at 4pm. While we all yarned outside, the singer arrived at 4.25, so we went in, and about 4.40 the MC started, thanked our choir for being there, as 3 others were still coming. At 5.00 he announced that one choir had a car breakdown so won’t make it. Slowly more people came, and we had a good hour or so with lots of African singing and dancing, then there was a 5-minute break (for 20 mins) when many departed because it was now to go for another 2 or 3 hours (I’d booked dinner). Some were frustrated – I just went along with it and enjoyed it. Good worship. All’s normal in Africa.

Just after I told you I would string out my 12-year-old wagon for this year, it developed new noises. So I plunged and bought another car in good condition, and only 6 years old. Hours later, the old one had MORE new noises, we found wire scraps about the engine, a belt fell off and the air-con stopped too. Oh no! I just had a call from the garage, and I will now sell the old car as non air-con! Praise God I have the newer one, and the resources to get it just in time. Please pray I get some reasonable price for the old one – it served well in tough conditions for 3.5 years of ministry all over Namibia.

I saw the 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie again. Very cool. Also a classic 1950s French movie about a teenage lad neglected by his mother and stepfather – quite sad and moving. Books of late? “God is Back” by 2 American authors, one Catholic and one atheist. They say religion, not only Christianity, is on the rise world-wide, especially with so much of other things coming apart. Interesting reading. Also I’m “Around Africa on my Bicycle”. Not actually me, but a Cape Town guy who took almost 2 years to do it. The rider especially speaks of the generosity, but sometimes meanness, of people in 30 African countries. I don’t plan to try it – I fall off bikes.

Many thanks for your care and prayer, Graeme

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